The New Millennial

With millennial events already in full swing throughout the state, February boasts an extra day to help you progress. How will you spend your extra day? Will you let your creativity take flight?

This year millennials in Rhode Island voiced an eagerness to rise above adversity, gain financial control, find better paying jobs, or create their own businesses. I encourage all millennials to participate in millennial sponsored events for an evening out with like-minded individuals striving to make 2016 their year. There's no greater comfort in networking and finding your true-fit; may it be improving on current or future employment opportunities or gaining a mentor already in your field. I hope you find liberation. 

It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants. What are you industrious about? 
-Henry David Thoreau

Get in on the action by bringing a family member to an MPGRI event. Although Millennial Professional Group of Rhode Island strives to assist millennials, we LOVE getting pointers from older generations. How proud would Mom & Dad be to join you at an MPGRI event that sparks you interest? 

Niyoka Powell

Travis Escobar