Spring Fever: The Adrenaline for Change

It's as if I've slept the past two months away, because I do not recall getting much sleep at all. What I really mean is that, in a daze almost autonomous to my being, I've managed to work hours into the night on numerous projects, appeared revitalized (somehow) for a day of meetings and evening events, and getting barely enough hours of sleep to rejuvenate before heading off to my actual job whilst everyone in Rhode Isand is snug as a bug. The hussle is real for this lazy millennial and it was invigorating each step of the way.

All I have to say is, use your time wisely, and VOLUNTEER where it matters most to you. A community doesn't just simply get fixed when everyone watches it fall apart while they shout suggestions at one another. Get your hands dirty.

The past two months (March & April) had been jam packed with many events in the City of Providence. First, I was honored to be invited to Senator Jack Reed's annual Women's History Month Celebration at Johnston & Wales, hosted by former Executive Director Jenn Steinfeld of The Women's Fund of Rhode Island.

The panel was filled with inspiring women in government and public health namely Rhode Island Secretary of State the Honorable Nelli M. Gorbea, the Mayor of Woonsocket the Honorable Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, and the Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health Nicole Alexander-Scott, MD, PhD. The three ladies were nothing short of inspiring. The work they are trying to achieve will take an entire community working together to fix; of which they appeared more than aware. These women will soldier on, expressing their need for support and for education of the community in order to attain public wellness.

Another aww-inspiring woman, Suzanne Vick, who's held an over 25 year career in mental health, specifically in child psychology, has published, the simplest way to allow children to understand a diagnosis of childhood depression. The Pressed Ant, the book's title, is a first in it's genre and is a push towards educating the public on the subject matters relating to the health and well-being of our children. Vick's next book on Asperger's Syndrome will be published very soon.

Lastly, MPGRI introduced Millennial Week to the State of Rhode Island. For the entire week of April 11th to April 17th, millennials throughout the state were invited to take part in a plethera of events that were both educational and serious in content, to down-right Rhode Island themed fun and games. Millennials took over the McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket gaining access to the batting cages, a tour of the PawSox Hall of Fame (which I never knew existed and would have felt aweful if the stadium had left Pawtucket), and a buffet set up in the locker room. What better place to watch baseball on a flat screen?

Millennial Week ended with a Sunday run starting at the Museum of Natural History in Roger Willams Park This is an ongoing Sunday run hosted by Mayor Jorge Elorza, who started the run before taking his seat in office. All are welcome to participate as I am gladly taking on the invitation. Major Elorza hopes to beautify the park and create a more condusive roadway for runners and bikers alike who are in danger when sharing the road way with motorists. I hope to see more new faces at the Sunday morning runs with the Mayor.

I am grateful to say that for the past two months, the older generation I've been around have embrassed the eagerness of milliennials; have inspired and mentored myself and those willing to learn; and have looked at me with nothing but enthusiasm to teach. Many should embrace the same.

Millennials have caught the spring fever!

Niyoka Powell

Travis Escobar