Commencement: Summers' New Beginning

This time of year is always bittersweet for young professionals as many are graduating from the plethora of prestigious colleges and universities throughout the state. Graduates leave behind an ominous lull throughout the state, prior to an outburst of a vigorous tourist season. Graduates cry away their good-byes and begin to ponder this “new beginning”. The move is terrifying; especially if they have not been living at home with Mom and Dad or if they are moving out on your own for the first time. One of the biggest dilemma encountered was finding peace with the commencement and embracing an adult lifestyle. So, take it a day at a time while utilizing the free time the summer weather brings and prep yourself for an eventful fall 2016 without classes.

The Young Professional’s Summer Challenge and Survival Guide

1. Brush Up on Social Skills
This isn’t another party on campus or at the local bar, social skills in a network environment will help develop interviewing skills, help you develop your pitch, and meet people working in your field. Just like socials at school events, networking events and mixers give you a chance to experience a non-instructional approach to productive socializing. Get other inspirational ideas and guidance from sites such as LEVO. Join a network like those on Meetup for events aimed towards topics of interest with like-minded individuals.

2. Learn Something New
There are many free apps that are educational in nature that could teach you a new language like Busuu, new skills like programing from ProgrammingHub, and financial management from LearnVest or Acorns. These are all skills learned outside the classroom that can give bulk to your resume. If you want the classroom feel, companies such as The Center for Women and Enterprise, a federally funded program that that provides the public with free classes and access to one on one business counseling from knowledgeable government officials; I will be completing the 10-week program on June 8th. It has been quiet the journey.

3. Stay Active
Start your day getting energized to be productive. Working night shift, you learn to develop a new routine different that anything those who work a 9 to 5 could follow. Develop a routine that fits your schedule packed with wellness promoting activities. Besides the traditional gym and outdoor workout routines, try to incorporate meditative activities easily found on YouTube geared towards exercise and wellness. Currently I’m hooked and subscribe to Boho Beautiful. It’s a channel focused on fitness, meditation, and lifestyle changes that can be done in your own living room. Locally, check out Emerging Energy for acupuncture needs and Massage Envy or the Biltmore Hotel for a full body massage or facial.

4. Enjoy Your Journey
Whether you’ve finished school, been working for years, or heading to graduate school at the end of the summer, remember to enjoy yourself. There’s absolutely no use in stressing out when the sun is shining so bright. Take a deep breath and enjoy the movements that got you to this point. Journal these moments as lessons learned as nothing in life happens before it’s time.
Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Niyoka Powell

Travis Escobar