#MillennialMonday: Sorry4TheBlog

Flooding the banquet room of a weekend favorite on a cool Monday night, millennials were out and about as if it were a Friday night.

On Monday October 5th, fourty some millennials converged at the Brass Monkey on Allens Avenue in Providence. The purpose? The Millennial Professional Group of Rhode Island (MPGRI) launched the first of many regularly occuring monthly events. Over the past eight months MPGRI had worked extensively to bring the organization into fruition. From forming a formal book of bylaws, an executive board of members with occupations that ranged from government employees, teachers, lawyers, and healthcare workers to bringing anticipated entertainment to the beginning of a most dreaded work week. That's #MillenialMonday!

Millennial Monday is an extension of the weekend, a way to redifine a work focused generation to get out, socialize, network, and learn something new. The first presenter in the #millennialmonday series was Providence based Sorry4TheBlog.com (S4TB). The social media sensation began in 2011 while developers Sam Albert and his fellow mates were attending the University of Rhode Island deeming the creation Rhode Island born.

"Everyone on campus would come up to me and my friends to know what's going on either in the media, locally, or around campus. That's when we came up with the idea of the blog." Albert said in an interview with Niyoka Powell, an MPGRI board member.


The topic of discussion for the #MillennialMonday: How to Enhance Your Online Appearance. The presentation braved an overview of the start-up's ambition along with a Q & A. Attendees had some tips to take away from the experience that prompted S4TB speakers to expose the bittersweet truths of starting their online presence, while questions issued by millennials revolved around internet etiquette.

Tips provided by S4BT involved RECOVERY. After unwanted bigotry or attention to published content, S4TB recommends finding (and being comfortable with) your online vioce and moving forward. Since what was written is already in cyberspace, the lesson here is a more conscious awareness of content you choose to share.

Next, DON'T BE A JERK! We all have something to say, we all want to be heard, but if your comments do not reflect your in person rantings, don't post them. You'll do more harm than good to your interent image.

DON'T TRY TO BE OVERLY ENTERTAINING. This message is all too familiar. Like starting a new project, those who easily loose interest have a hard time delivering the content they once set out to create for their followers and the image developed from day one quickly deflates. All in all, just be yourself.

Lastly, PROMOTE YOURSELF AND YOUR DIRECTION. As millennials, we all want to leave a legacy, leave a mark on society, or achieve a personal goal. Whether it's promoting the beauty of pet adoption, health and wellness, or simply the best hiking trails or must see attractions. Let it be clear from the beginning what your intentions are. Be real. You will connect with more readers than you think.

Most of Sorry4TheBlog's following is on Twitter and Facebook. S4TB is looking to reach a global level and welcomes contributing writers to join their movement and gain experience. Check out the S4TB at www.sorry4theblog.com. Like on Facebook, follow on Instagram and Twitter.

Niyoka Powell

Travis Escobar